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Recommended Weight – How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

A weighted blanket can do wonders for your sleep. But how do you know which weighted blanket size and weight are right for you? Find out the recommended weight is here.

What makes a weighted blanket heavy?

Pellets. In the case of the Koala Blanket, those pellets are made from glass.

There are thousands of them in each blanket. On their own, the pellets weigh very little, but together they weigh about the same as a bag of onions.

The pellets in the Koala Blanket are non-toxic and BPA-free. Because they’re glass, they’re also recyclable (should you happen to collect them).

The pellets are perfectly round so there are no sharp edges or pointy bits. You won’t feel them with your blanket on you, even when they move.

To make sure you’re satisfied with your blanket and get the full therapeutic benefits, it’s important to select an appropriate size and weight.

Here’s our weighted blanket size guide to help you decide.

What’s the recommended weight for a weighted blanket?

Many sleep experts believe that a weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight.

There are no official guidelines, however, which means there’s a lot of room for interpretation.

For example, the Royal College of Occupational Therapy has recommended that people choose the lightest possible weighted blanket – as long as it still provides the same health advantages.

Having said that, you want a blanket that is sufficiently heavy to generate the Deep Pressure Stimulation that can help your body prepare for sleep. Research has found that this type of therapy offers many benefits such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater happiness
  • A feeling of calmness

So, when it comes to choosing an appropriate weight for your blanket, we think this should strike the right balance between comfort and effectiveness.

That’s why our weighted blanket recommended weight guidelines are a little more flexible.

We broadly agree with the 10% figure, but we think the weighted blanket sizing guideline quoted by many of the experts is too rigid.

Why is that?

Well, everyone is different. We don’t think there can ever be a one size fits all approach when it comes to recommended weights of weighted blankets.

Some people may find a blanket that’s 10% of their body weight too heavy. Others may find that this is too light and does nothing to help them sleep.

That’s why we’ve come up with a more flexible formula that accounts for these individual differences and makes it easier to choose a weighted blanket that’s comfortable.

The recommended weight for you is between 7% and 13% of your weight.

If it’s below this range, you may not get the full therapeutic benefits; if it’s above this range, you may experience some discomfort.

So, if you weigh between 60kg and 84kg, we recommend you choose our lighter 6.8kg blanket. If you weigh 85kg or more, the recommended weight is our heavier 9kg version.

But what size weighted blanket do you need?

This will ultimately depend on the size of your bed. If you only intend to use the blanket, you might be okay with a smaller one. However, if you usually share a bed, it might be better to get a larger weighted blanket size for adults.

Weighted blanket – what size do we provide?

If you sleep in a single bed, you should get the smaller 48 x 78-inch weighted blanket, as the larger version will be too big.

If you sleep in a double- or king-size bed, you’ll need to choose the larger 60 x 80-inch full-size weighted blanket.

Our small and large blankets are available in both weights, too, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your bed.

Will you use your weighted blanket elsewhere in your home?

Remember that a weighted blanket is not just for sleeping. You can also use it to keep warm on the sofa or at your desk when it’s a bit chilly. A larger blanket might be a bit too bulky to use in these situations, so you might want to consider getting two blankets: one that’s for sleeping, and another that you can use around the house.

What if you’re not sure which weighted blanket sizes you need?

If in doubt, it’s usually best to go for the weighted blanket full-size option, as you should still be able to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of the blanket.

Here’s a weighted blanket size chart for reference:

As you can see, the larger 60 x 80-inch blanket would be too big for a single bed, while the smaller 48 by 78-inch version would be much too small for a king-size bed.

Therefore, you’ll need to choose a large adult-size weighted blanket if you sleep in any double- or king-size bed. This is because the blanket must be distributed evenly across your body in order to help you relax and feel calm.

However, if you’re very short and you sleep in a single bed, you may find the smaller option more appropriate, rather than a weighted blanket for a full-size bed.

If you are pregnant or have a health condition

Please consult your healthcare provider before using a weighted blanket. If in doubt, choose the lighter version which is 6.8kg.

What is the correct weight for older children and young adults?

Weighted blankets are also suited for older children and young adults. For safety reasons, weighted blankets should never be given to children under the age of 10, and generally, we do not recommend them for children under the age of 12.

Note: We do not recommend weighted blankets for children because of the risk of suffocation and discomfort. Generally speaking, weighted blankets are for adults but older children and teenagers can use them too.

If a child over the age of 12 is to use the weighted blanket, the 6.8kg version (which is our lightest version) should always be chosen. 6.8kg is approximately 5.2% of the weight of the average 12-year old boy, who weighs 40kg.

Most teenagers will in fact be best served by the 6.8kg blanket. It is only when a teenager’s body weight surpasses 85kg that the 9kg version should be chosen.

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