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Day 1 With Koala

The day has arrived, your Koala Weighted Blanket is being delivered! We have created the below information to help kickstart your success.


Your Koala Blanket comes assembled and ready to use. It includes a cover and duvet which are attached by 14 inner loops & ties. We used 14 to ensure the cover and duvet fit securely together. You can use your blanket without washing it first. If you do remove the duvet from the cover, follow these 4 steps to assemble.

How to assemble

Step #1: Reach through the zipper and turn the cover inside out.

Step #2: Lay the cover on a flat surface and place the duvet on top of the cover.

Step #3: Tie cover to the duvet using the ribbons and loops.
Important: Do not tie the 3 ribbons on the zipper side! ( you will tie these 3 together in step 4)

Step #4: Reach through the zipper again and grab the opposite corners, turn it back to the original side and tie the remaining 3 ribbons/loops.

Taking Care Of Your Blanket

The cover is machine washable and also can be dry cleaned. Remove the cover before washing, and wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, hang your cover to dry. Do not use bleach.

We recommend only washing the weighted insert (duvet) by hand in cold water. Do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. Do not soak or bleach.
Please note: Other brands state that you can wash the weighted insert but doing this can break your washing machine due to the weight.

Where & When To Use?

Our customers use their blanket all over the house, it works great on the sofa or on your favourite chair while watching TV or reading. Some even enjoy using their blanket at work while they are at their desk. You can use Koala anywhere!

Tips For Success

•Use for at least 2 weeks. A weighted blanket is different than what you are used to, it may take time to get used to.
•Best if used by one person at a time.
•Ensure the blanket is spread evenly on your body when you get under it .
•Try and keep your body in the middle of the blanket when under it.

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